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Liverpool Selective License: What? Where? When? Why?

Liverpool Selective License What Where When Why

Liverpool Selective License: What? Where? When? Why?

It’s been over 12 months now since Liverpool City Council introduced the idea of improving the private rented sector within the borough. At the time I felt this was all rushed through by the council with little thought or consultation with landlords, tenants, landlord groups or letting agents. In my opinion this has well and truly been confirmed with almost no communication from the council over 10 months since the license was introduced in April 2015.

It’s only recently that the council has asked license holders for information from them to see if they meet the requirements of the fit and proper test required to hold the license and to this date, I’ve yet to receive confirmation if I meet the requirements.

The reason for my update is that the council (in the background) have been speaking with several companies in relation to becoming a co-regulator (National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) and Belvoir, being two of them) and NALS have contacted their members to inform them that they have been successful in this but have yet to confirm what this means for the agents and their landlords.

We are anticipating further news from Liverpool City Council over the next few days regarding the co-regulation and the license. As soon as this is released, then I will update my followers via www.liverpoolpropertyblog.com

Update – 29.01.2016

Since I first wrote this article there has been further information released in relation to who Liverpool City Council have selected to become the co-regulators.

It has been announced that National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) and The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) have been approved by the council to become the co-regulators. Little information was released on the Liverpool city council’s website and also in the press release that went into the Liverpool Echo. It was announced that if the agent who is a member of either of these schemes would be the license holder then the license fee would be reduced from £400 or £350 (if more than one property licensed) down to £200.

I spoke with ARLA yesterday as I have been a long-standing member to find out what was involved and if there were any stipulations that they required as I thought they may require additional requirements to Liverpool City Councils accreditation scheme Citywide Landlord Accreditation Safety Scheme (CLASS). Although not many people in the association where aware of the agreements with the Liverpool city council (due to it being very early days) it was confirmed that unlike CLASS, ARLA do not require a valid electric certificate to be in place to receive the reduced license fee of £200.

As Belvoir Liverpool West Derby and Liverpool Central have been long standing members of ARLA, then for landlords who have requested that we become the license holder on their behalf, will receive the highest discounted rate available.

I will be keeping a close eye on this and will endeavor to keep everyone updated via www.liverpoolpropertyblog.com

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