30 May

2 bedroom in vibrant City Centre

This two bedroom apartment in one of the busiest areas of the city centre, Concert Square looks like a great investment buy! It’s seconds away from Bold Street, my favorite road in Liverpool City Centre and in the middle of restaurants, bars and popular nightlife venues. The apartment would be suited to somebody who works in the city and likes to let their hair down every now and then! Click here for the details.

Apartments in the city are in demand so although this apartment is above a bar, you would expect to secure a tenant pretty quickly with an expected rent of £675PCM. Based on asking price, that’s over 6% yield but if you negotiate to £120,000 – it’s much closer to 7% yield making this an attractive buy. There has been a lot of investment in this area over the last few years to improve the overall appearance, now it’s a very appealing area.

You may have heard of AirBnB before but for any readers who haven’t.. AirBnB is a website where homeowners/ landlords can let there properties on short or long term basis. Most properties require just 1 night minimum stay. It’s perfect for people travelling around the UK who want a genuine living experience rather than staying in a hotel and is becoming increasingly popular. You can find apartments in Liverpool from £30 per night and as high as £500+  per night with higher rates at weekends. A standard AST would get you £22.50 per night so there is potentially a big difference! Of course, you’re not guaranteed to have 100% occupancy and you would be responsible for utilities and council tax. Click here to see an example of a two bedroom apartment costing £160 per night; if you let for just 5 nights a month, you would achieve a higher income than the standard AST… just something to think about.


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